Euro Flight Aviation Services

    Our team is there for you in every respect and will fulfil any wish, if possible.

    We will be pleased to take over the planning and coordination of your entire trip including subsequent transport at your destinations. During your flight we will take care of your well-being to make your flight as comfortable as can be.

    Our pilots are experienced and highly qualified and participate in regular training programmes. All pilots are required to undergo simulator training every six months to make sure you reach your destination safely.

    All pilots have EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) qualifications, a valid type rating for type C525 jets and are completely prepared for your flight so you can enjoy total safety on your journey with Euro Flight Aviation Services.



    Michael Pfundner

    Euro Flight founder and C525 captain, Michael, is known for his accuracy and customer-oriented work approach. His experience on helicopters and especially on high performance aircraft makes him a true role model for aspiring pilots. Michael is extremely athletic and he likes to spend his free time on sunny beaches and in warm waters.

    Patricia Federer

    Patricia joined the Euro Flight Aviation Services team shortly after it was founded after having previously gained several thousand hours of experience in the cockpit. She has played a major role in the development of Euro Flight and has been passing on her experience to young pilots on every flight ever since. She is always friendly, caring and has a soft spot for chocolate.


    Florian Hofmann

    Since Florian joined Euro Flight in 2018, he has proven himself to be not only an excellent support in the ops and training area, but also, above all, as a talented First Officer on the C525. Florian is not only flexible, but also reliable in his work. He is always interested in good food in foreign countries and is very enthusiastic about night flights.


    Martin Flock

    The newest Euro Flight member supports us in his role as a First Officer not only in sales, but also in all IT-related challenges. Martin’s strength lies not only in his accuracy, but also in his reliability, which enables him to master every challenge. In his free time, he is passionate about flying small airplanes and mountain biking.

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