At your Service

    Euro Flight Aviation Services

    Your time is valuable

    When you charter a flight in a private jet with Euro Flight Aviation Services, the only thing that counts is your time schedule. Our flights are based exclusively on your requirements rather than an inflexible schedule. We will bring you to destinations throughout Europe with no stopovers.

    In contrast to the long waiting times associated with scheduled flights, passenger processing at the General Aviation Terminal takes place in a pleasant atmosphere with a high degree of flexibility, discretion, security and time-saving.

    Your office flies with you

    You and your fellow passengers can make the most of your time during the flight. Our jets are designed to enable meetings in a quiet and discreet ambience. Each seat is equipped with connections for laptops and mobile phones so you can continue working without interruption.

    Arrive relaxed

    You will always be fit for your business appointments after arriving on a flight with Euro Flight Aviation Services. Our First-Class Service from check-in to arrival will make your journey as comfortable as it can be.

    Our crew will take care of your well-being during the flight and will be pleased to take your preferences into account – we will be delighted to clarify the details during a personal meeting prior to your flight.



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